Production and Management - Qualification in the context of movement arts

This programme offers seminars, workshops and personal consulting for your qualifications in the context of movement art. Freelancers in the fields of dance, circus, movement-theater or art pedagogy are welcome. The offer is free of charge*.


Klassische Pressearbeit / Nora Gores, Kulturmanagement, Coach und Expertin Öffentlichkeitsarbeit / Seneca Intensiv Studios, 10-16 h
Moving Arts in Photography // Sven Hagolani, Photographer & Visual artist Seneca Intensiv Studios, 10-16 h
Berufsfeld Tanz- & Bewegungspädagogik  - Bereiche, Anforderungen, Perspektiven / Tina Weiler, Dipl. Tanzpädagogin / Senece Intensiv Studios, 10-16 h
Coming soon / 2022
Anatomy & injury prevention for acrobats (seminar in english/ deutsch)
Betriebswirtschaftliche und rechtliche Grundlagen
Lightdesign for circus-stages
Camera & movement arts / Gosia Gajdemska
Time: normally 10 am - 4 pm (inkl. 1h break)

Registration: Please write an informal email to

If you have any questions, please contact us - by email or phone - we are happy to help you!


Developing. Professionalizing. Networking.

Regardless of whether you have been on the market for a long time or you are just starting, our offers support you in your freelance work in the field of the performing arts.

Until june 2023 we are offering seminars, workshops and consulting for individuals or small group in the following areas:

- Funding and applications

- Marketing and public relations

- Business administration/law

- Technical production skills

- Organization of your artistic work

- Movement Sciences


You have the questions - our experts have the answers.

Our lecturers bring highly professional and pedagogical experiences. They look forward to exchanging ideas with you. We have been working together, with many of them, for a long time.

For whom:
We are looking forward to participants from the fields of dance, circus, movement theater or art pedagogy: artists, choreographers, dramaturges, dancers, dance & circus pedagogues, performers, production managers, project developers, cultural managers and any others related to these fields who are interested.

Take the chance for:

- a free further education with a certificate of your participation

- orientation on the cultural market

- intensive support by the project team and the lecturers

- a dialog with experts, exchanges with other artists, network opportunities.


*The project, "Production and Management - Qualification in the context of dance art" is supported by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Therefor there are no fees for the participation. The project is designed by Seneca Intensiv in cooperation with the Federal Association for Contemporary Circus.
Project duration: 01/2022 - 06/2023

In the seminars we emphasize a balance of knowledge input by the experts and a practical orientation with goal-oriented exercises and intensive exchange.

In the workshops, we will focus on the practical, while working under the guidance of experts. Here you can reflect and develop your own projects, topics, materials or questions with the help of the expert and the other participants.

The topics for the consultings - individually or in small groups - are freely selectable. Send us an email with your questions or needs. No matter if you have questions about your business, the direction of your artistic activity, studies or professional orientation, further qualifications, concepts and projects. We are connecting you with the right experts. The consultations can serve as an open-ended orientation as well as a concrete goal-oriented question. Duration of the consultation: 60 - 120 minutes

Where: Seneca Intensiv Studios - Georg-Knorr-Str. 4/ Building 10, 12681 Berlin or at selected locations in Berlin

past dates:

Applying for cultural funding. concept & budget (seminar in english) / with Melina Gerstemann / Seneca Intensiv Studios 
Wegweiser Förderung (seminar in german) / mit Josephine Reinisch/ Seneca Intensiv Studios 
The Camera Work an The Art of Projection Making, Mapping, Capturing, Scenography (seminar in english) /
Dario Jurilli - filmmaker and visual artist / Seneca Intensiv Studios
My application! - concept writing & budget (workshop in english) / with Melina Gerstemann / Seneca Intensiv Studios
DANCING LIGHTS / Teo Vlad, Light- & Sound Design, Visual Artist & Performer / Katapult Berlin
Kulturförderung beantragen. Konzept- & Budgeterstellung / Melina Gerstemann, Kulturproduzentin & Beratung
Durch Sprache wirken - Kommunikation in künstlerischen Prozessen/ Geraldine Mormin
Von der Förderzusage bis zum Verwendungsnachweis / Melina Gerstemann, Kulturproduzentin & Beratung