APD - Art of Physical Drama

APD is an educational program at the intersection between dance, acting and circus; based on the corporeal mime techniques and dramaturgy (Mime Corporel Dramatique) of Etienne Decroux.  The body as medium is central to our practice and stands at the intersection between all of these multifarious practices.  The syllabus is comprehensive and detailed, ranging from classical pantomime to modern mime, from the tradition of Commedia dell’Arte to Performance, and clown to acrobatics. 

We discover these arts together in public space, we work with objects and marionettes, masks, clowning, composition and improvisation in order to open our historical backgrounds to carve a new path for physical theatre. 

The Facts: 

  • From the 28.08.2023 to the 17.07.2024 
  • From 9:00 to 15:00, Monday to Thursday, except on public holidays and selected school holidays in Berlin 
  • Includes both practice and theoretical underpinnings 
  • All participants of the programme have the possibility to participate in large IMPRO-SESSIONS at SENECIA INTENSIV with many guests 
  • There will be a joint final presentation of all the participants 
  • In order to support and strengthen individuals’ abilities and possibilities, students will work in fixed groups 
  • The program will be taught in English and / or German 
  • The price for the full program is 3600€ (also of course payable in monthly instalments without any additional costs) 
  • Support is offered to students to help them on their artistic journey, for example with application documents, advice on gaining funding, and for professional development. 

Who Would This Course Suit? 

APD is for those who want to express themselves in non-conventional spaces, for those who want to explore and develop new forms of expression, and want to innovate traditional forms by expanding their technical competence and understanding. On that note, APD is for those who want to develop a specific bodily language through technical application. APD offers experienced performers in theatre, music, dance, performance and circus the ability to expand and develop their skills, whilst simultaneously training young performers how to explore visual dramaturgy and movement. It would also benefit those who would like to learn how to satisfactorily completely admissions procedures at training institutions, and those preparing to enter the world of work and want to develop a European network.  

Outstanding teachers will support the students with their daily artistic work. They are highly-motivated, have many years of pedological experience, and are looking forward to engage in concentrated work with a fixed group. Teachers include: Anke Gerber, Lionel Ménard, Pablo Volo, Joanna Bassi, Salvatore Cappello, Cox Ahlers, Sandra Leupold, Marc Sinan, Bodecker&Neander, Benedetto Sicca and others.



Application Procedure: 

Due to the current situation we have developed the following application procedure. Please read all the details carefully. 

Step 1: 

Please decide whether it is better for you to do a face-to-face or online application.  Exactly which documents you have to send will vary slightly depending on if you decide to do an online or in person meeting application. These details are clarified in Step 2. 

In Person Appointments, 2023: 

  • 22.04.23, 10 Uhr, SENECA INTENSIV STUDIOS
  • 02.06.23, 10 Uhr, SENECA INTENSIV STUDIOS
  • 08.07.23, 10 Uhr, SENECA INTENSIV STUDIOS

Online applications are welcome! Please note that they must be submitted at the latest one week before the next in person appointment. 

Step 2: 

Registration for the application procedure must be done through this form: Anmeldeformular 

Participation in the application procedure costs 30€ (for the payment of the examiners and handling). The fee for application is non-refundable, even in the case that the application is withdrawn. However, if the participant proceeds to partake in the program, the fee will be subtracted from the price of the first instalment when the contract is signed. 

For an Online Application: 

Please send your application by email: kontakt@senecaintensiv.de

Please send all of the documents at the latest one week before the next in person meeting! 

Please send: 

  • Dancer or artist CV and contact details 
  • A straight-forward video with a small introduction and statement of motivation, as well as some details of your previous work. 

The video does not have to be done in a professional dance studio, it can be done at home or in the park and recorded with a smartphone. The most important and vital thing is that you can be seen clearly. 

The video should not exceed 10 minutes. 

The video can be sent via WeTransfer or uploaded and send via email as a link. 

With an online audition you can save on travel costs and gives you security during the Corona Virus pandemic. You are welcome to visit the studio at a later date. 

The result of your online application will be sent to you by email within two weeks of the receipt of your application.  

For an In-Person Application: 

Please send your application documents to the email: kontakt@senecaintensiv.de 

Please send all of the documents at the latest one week before the next in person meeting! 

Please send: 

  • Dancer or artist CV and contact details 
  • Motivation letter 

We will work in small groups and will adhere to the current hygiene regulations. 

You will receive an email with all the information shortly beforehand. 

We want to meet the person behind the artist and therefore are very willing to offer assistance and we can answer any questions you may have about the application procedure and the programme. 

We look forward to receiving your application!