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SENECA INTENSIV - Educational Programs for Artistic Movement
With SENECA INTENSIV the new educational platform for dance has emerged in Berlin. In addition to dance practice, our work as a dance company and regular workshops and performances, we focus on dance education in both practical and theoretical way as well as on making dance more accessible. As the up-to-date basis for dance education we provide our participants with well-structured course programs, productive working atmosphere, professional team of teachers and choreographers as well as the strong cooperation partners. These are Dock11, Flying Steps Academy, Die Etage et al. Our programs aim to enable both individual development of each dancer as well as their progress as the group. Besides the supervision of experiences instructors and creating space for your own work, we also care for friendly and positive atmosphere in the classrooms, which makes big contribution to the valuable time at SENECA INTENSIV.
BILDUNGSJAHR TANZ – THE DANCE EDUCATION YEAR – is a program for those who want to spend 11 months focusing on dance in both practical and theoretical way. You will learn about different dance techniques and its artistic aspects, how to work with space, with music and how to combine dance with other art forms. This year can become your space for creativity per se, your opportunity for future development, as well as time-out, education or intense preparation for subsequent professional dance studies. The program will also provide you with rich networking possibilities. In addition to expanded individual dancing experience of each participant this year will as well highlight creative approach to dance as an art form. You will be able to explore it as a dancer in various works of experienced choreographers, specially made for your group, as a creator of your own choreographic piece and as a performer in the final stage production. 
Professionals of different artistic background teach following dance styles: Modern ballet, contemporary dance (various teachers), jazz, urban dance, improvisation, choreographic knowledge, partnering as well as speech training for dancers. Theoretical hours will take place in the seminar rooms and in the dance hall because practice and theory go hand in hand within the BILDUNGSJAHR TANZ!
Costs: 3600€
Days of school: Monday to Thursday (except holidays and school holidays in Berlin), 9am to 3pm
SLIDE – Crossover training program
With SLIDE we offer you the combination of long-standing educational and organizational skills of SENECA INTENSIV and the know-how and vibrant energy of the FLYING STEPS ACADEMY.
Do you feel like sliding between different dance styles, because dancing to you is more than the art of movement? Experience intensive and regular training that builds up on your physical condition and is led (or held?) by professionals from SENECA INTENSIV? Do you feel like working in the dance hall, accompanied by good vibes, professional attitude and sense of humour? The teaching languages / the languages of instruction are German and English. SLIDE is divided into several phases which all lead to the final performance at the end of the program. The initial phase focuses on strength training, endurance, flexibility and specific physical knowledge and is followed by further learning through intensive rehearsals for the stage production. When everything is set and the dancers are ready for the show, the group will hit the stage three nights in a row. 
The main styles are contemporary dance, urban dance, classical dance and jazz / show. Improvisation, partnering, crossover freestyle, pilates and somatic dance techniques also make an important contribution to the program. The four main styles are equally distributed within the program and are present both in regular training and in choreographic work. The group is also able to choose other styles and teachers as part of their training. SLIDE – the crossover training program is certified and supported by the European Social Fund.
Costs: 1800€
Days of School: Monday to Thursday (except holidays and school holidays in Berlin), 9am to 3pm
Who we are looking for: the SLIDE program is conceived for motivated participants with an intermediate level in one or more of the four main styles. The initial dancing experience is a necessary condition for participation.
All the teachers have many years of educational experience, are highly motivated and look forward to concentrated and individual work with the stable group.